Shipping Policy

AtĀ PuppyAllĀ© Ā /Ā PupSafeĀ©Ā we ship worldwide and it appliesĀ to every country that shipping costs are charged!

When the order is placed, we start processing the order and treatment of all informations, the order will be shipped within the 2 next business days (Please allow a few days for the tracking information and the shipping confirmation email)

Below you will find more information about shipping options:

Standard InsuredĀ Shipping: Delivered within 5-14 working days, Including track & trace number

Express Shipping Via DHL or FedEx :Ā Delivered within 3 - 7 working days, Including track & trace number

To directly check the status of your order, you can simply enter your tracking number on the website:ĀĀ orĀ onĀĀ 

If you need more detailed updates, you can always contact us via our contact form or an email toĀ


Last updated:Ā 01-01-2023

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