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E-book - A guide to healthy homemade dog food - EN

E-book - A guide to healthy homemade dog food - EN

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Delve into the world of homemade dog treats with our comprehensive ebook. Discover the joys and advantages of creating treats for your furry friend from scratch, including the ability to control the quality of ingredients, cater to your dog's specific dietary needs and preferences, and ensure freshness.

Learn how to create your own recipes using safe, nutritious ingredients, and understand the importance of portion sizes and creativity in treat-making.

Our ebook also guides you through making the most of your PupPlate® Kit, including using molds and cookie cutters, and utilizing our recipe cards. Plus, gain valuable insights into the impact of better nutrition on your dog's health, including the role of diet in your dog's lifespan, energy levels, and mood.

With a special focus on the benefits of bone broth and raw food, this ebook is a must-read for any dog owner looking to enhance their pet's well-being through homemade treats.


The Benefits of Homemade DogTreats

The Value of Quality Control
The Health Advantages
The Joy of Freshness
Tailoring Treats to Your Dog's Preferences

Creating Your Own Recipes

SelectingSafe and Nutritious
Ingredients Ingredients to Avoid
Understanding Portion Sizes
Experimentation and Creativity

Making the Most of Your PupPlate® Kit

Introduction to Your Kit
Using the Molds and Cookie Cutters
Making Use of the Recipe Cards
The Value of the PupPlate® PREMIUM Subscription

The Impact of Better Nutrition on Your Dog's Health

The Canine Digestive System
The Role of Nutrition in Your Dog's Lifespan
The Influence of Diet on Energy Levels and Mood
Introduction to Bone Broth
A Note on Raw Food
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